Brooklyn U-Haul Driver Strikes Multiple Pedestrians in Horrific Accident

A chaotic scene unfolded in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday morning when a U-Haul truck plowed into multiple pedestrians.

According to The New York Times, the driver of the U-Haul truck hit several pedestrians while driving on a street in Brooklyn. The driver then fled the scene.

MSNBC reported that the driver was taken into custody shortly after the incident occurred.

Fox News reported that the New York City Police Department’s bomb squad was on the scene. It is unclear why the bomb squad was called to the scene.

The New York Post reported that multiple people were struck by the U-Haul truck and that the driver fled the scene.

CBS New York reported that the U-Haul truck plowed down several pedestrians in Brooklyn.

At this time, the extent of the injuries sustained by the pedestrians is unknown.

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