California Officials Investigating Migrant Arrivals in Sacramento After 16 People Dropped Off at Catholic Diocese

Sacramento, CA – On Sunday, 16 migrants were dropped off on the doorstep of a Catholic diocese in Sacramento by a chartered private jet. According to KTLA 5, the flight originated from Texas and was arranged by the state of Florida. California officials are currently investigating the incident, which they say occurred “without any advance warning.”

The migrants were greeted at the diocese by a small group of volunteers and church officials who provided them with food, clothing, and blankets. They are currently being processed by immigration officials and will likely be given temporary housing in the Sacramento area.

The incident has sparked controversy among local residents, some of whom are concerned about the safety of the migrants and the impact their arrival may have on the community. Others have criticized the state of Florida for arranging the flight without consulting California officials.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a statement condemning the “reckless and inhumane” actions of those involved, and has vowed to coordinate with federal authorities to ensure that the migrants are treated with “dignity and respect.”

The incident comes amidst a broader debate over immigration policy in the United States, as politicians and activists continue to grapple with issues related to border security, asylum seekers, and the treatment of undocumented individuals.