California Threatens to Cut Off Major Southwest Cities From Colorado River Water

As the deadline looms for the seven Colorado River states to agree on water cuts, California has refused to sign on and has floated the idea of cutting off major Southwest cities from Colorado River water before touching its agriculture supply, sources say.

The other six states have agreed on water cuts, but California has not. This has set the stage for a high-stakes legal battle as the states try to figure out how to manage the river’s scarce water resources.

In response, California has released its own plan for Colorado River cuts, which includes reducing water delivery to some agricultural areas and diverting more water to the environment.

The plan has not been welcomed by the other states, who argue that California is not taking the water crisis seriously enough.

The Colorado River provides water to seven states and Mexico, and the water cuts could have a major impact on the region.

The states are expected to reach a decision soon, and the outcome could have major implications for the environment, agriculture, and the millions of people who rely on the Colorado River for their water supply.