Cannes Drama: Actress Massiel Taveras Pushes Security Guard on Red Carpet – Latest Spectacle Unfolds

Cannes, France – Actress Massiel Taveras was caught on camera pushing away a security guard during the Cannes Film Festival. This incident occurred shortly after singer Kelly Rowland also had an altercation with the same usher just days before.

Taveras, a Dominican actor and TV presenter, was attending the premiere of the film “The Count of Monte Cristo” when the confrontation took place. The security guard, attempting to guide Taveras inside as she posed for photos on the red carpet, appeared to put her arm over the actress’s head and chest. In response, Taveras seemed to place her hand over the guard’s face.

Following the incident, fans called for the removal of the guard from the film festival due to a series of altercations with celebrities on the red carpet. This incident comes in the wake of Kelly Rowland scolding the same security guard during the premiere of the film “Marcello Mio.”

In a statement to AP Entertainment, Rowland addressed the altercation, stating, “I have boundaries, and I stand by those boundaries.” She also pointed out disparities in treatment based on appearance, noting that other women at the event did not face similar reprimands.

Taveras took to Instagram to showcase her dress, designed by Giannina Azar and hand-painted by Yan Páez. The dress featured a striking image of Jesus Christ on the white train, created exclusively for the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite the attention garnered by the incident, representatives for Taveras have not provided any comments at this time. The confrontations at the festival have sparked discussions on proper security protocols and the treatment of celebrities during high-profile events.