Car Dealerships Under Siege: Cyberattacks Force Thousands to Resort to Manual Operations

Sterling, Virginia – Car dealers in thousands across the United States and Canada are facing significant challenges this week due to cyberattacks on a leading industry software provider. CDK Global, the provider in question, serves nearly 15,000 car dealerships in the US and Canada. The cyberattacks have caused disruptions in sales, financing, and payroll systems for many dealers, compelling them to resort to manual methods of conducting business.

Kevin Red, a car salesman at AutoNation Honda Dulles in Sterling, Virginia, described the situation as chaotic, stating, “Everything is messed up – we have to do everything manually. There’s discomfort for everybody – for us, for management, for customers.”

The impact of the cyberattacks is widespread and severe, forcing car dealers to adapt quickly to continue operations. Many dealerships are experiencing delays in processing sales and handling finances, leading to frustrations for both employees and customers. As the industry works to navigate this challenging time, the need for increased cybersecurity measures becomes more apparent than ever.

Despite the challenges posed by the cyberattacks, car dealers are working tirelessly to address the issues and minimize the impact on their businesses. The disruptions caused by the attacks serve as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities present in the digital infrastructure of the automotive industry. Moving forward, dealers are likely to invest more resources in enhancing their cybersecurity protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In the midst of this crisis, dealers are finding ways to adapt and overcome the challenges they face. By implementing temporary solutions and developing contingency plans, dealers are striving to maintain their operations and continue serving their customers to the best of their abilities. The resilience and dedication displayed by car dealers in response to the cyberattacks underscore their commitment to providing quality service and customer satisfaction.