Kyiv, Ukraine – A devastating Russian airstrike targeted a children’s hospital in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least 31 people in various locations across the country. The attack, which occurred during the early hours of the morning, left a trail of destruction and despair in its wake.

Among the casualties were 17 individuals in Kyiv, with two fatalities reported at the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital – the largest pediatric facility in Ukraine. The hospital suffered significant damage as a result of the bombardment.

In response to the heinous act, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, currently in Poland, condemned the attack and vowed to retaliate. He expressed his outrage on social media, highlighting the widespread destruction caused by the missile strikes in multiple cities.

Dr. Lesia Lysytsia, a physician at the children’s hospital, described the terrifying moment of impact as resembling a scene from a movie, with a blinding light followed by a deafening sound. She noted that a portion of the hospital was destroyed, while another section was engulfed in flames, estimating that up to 70% of the hospital had been damaged.

As rescue efforts got underway, images from the scene depicted young patients, some connected to IV drips, being evacuated from the hospital. Dr. Lysytsia emphasized the critical role of the hospital in providing a wide range of medical services, including cancer treatment and organ transplants.

The devastation extended beyond Kyiv, with reports of casualties in cities such as Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, and Pokrovsk. The attacks left numerous individuals injured, while significant damage was inflicted on residential buildings and vital infrastructure.

Amid the chaos and destruction, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, condemned the bombardment as one of the deadliest assaults on the capital since the conflict began. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine confirmed additional incidents in Kyiv, including the partial destruction of a maternity unit, resulting in further casualties.

In a show of solidarity, Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina announced plans to wear a black ribbon during her Wimbledon match to honor the victims of the tragic events. The international community has continued to express outrage and condemnation over the escalating violence in Ukraine, calling for an end to the senseless bloodshed.

The relentless airstrikes underscore the urgent need for increased support and assistance to bolster Ukraine’s air defenses and protect civilians from further harm. As the country grapples with the devastating consequences of war, the international community must unite in solidarity to bring an end to the violence and restore peace to the region.