Christine Brown Finds ‘Love of Her Life’ After Kody Split: Sister Wives Star’s Reunion Revealed

On Valentine’s Day, ‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown made a special announcement on Instagram. She revealed that she had found the “love of her life” after her split with Kody Brown.

The reality TV star shared a picture of herself with her new boyfriend, David Woolley, and captioned it with a heartfelt message. “I finally found the love of my life,” Christine wrote.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown, who starred in the TLC series ‘Sister Wives’, ended their relationship in 2020. Christine has since moved on, and she’s now in a relationship with David Woolley.

David Woolley is a business owner from Arizona. Christine and David have been together for several months, and they recently made their relationship official on social media.

Christine opened up about her relationship with David in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She revealed that David is the “love of her life” and that she is “so happy and excited” to have found him.

Christine also shared more about David in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. She said that David is a “kind and generous” person and that he is “very supportive” of her.

Christine Brown’s fans have been sending their love and support to the couple, and they are looking forward to seeing more of them together.