Cincinnati Mayor Apologizes After Stirring Up Controversy with Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, and Burrowhead Stadium

On Tuesday, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley apologized after a tweet he posted on Sunday night caused a major backlash. The tweet was in response to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who had just led his team to a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Mayor Cranley taunted Mahomes in the tweet, saying “See ya at Burrowhead Stadium!” referring to the stadium in Kansas City where the Chiefs play.

The tweet was quickly met with criticism, with many pointing out the difference in resources between the two cities.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Matthews, responded to the tweet with a statement of her own.

“It’s disappointing to see a mayor of a city belittle another city in a tweet,” Matthews said. “It’s a reminder of the lack of respect and understanding that exists between cities of different sizes and resources.”

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas also responded to the tweet, saying “We all have to be better than this.”

The tweet has since been deleted and Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley issued an apology.

“I apologize for my tweet, which was inappropriate and insensitive,” Cranley said. “It was wrong of me to make light of our differences. I should have shown more respect for both Patrick Mahomes and the people of Kansas City.”

The controversy has sparked a debate over the term “Burrowhead,” which was used in the tweet. According to the Cincinnati Jungle, the term was coined by a fan in 2017 after the Bengals drafted quarterback Andy Dalton.

The debate over the tweet and its implications is likely to continue in the coming days, but for now, Mayor Cranley has apologized and the Chiefs have moved on to prepare for their next game.