CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht steps down, leaving network at a crossroads and in need of a new business strategy

CNN has found itself at a crossroads, as its Chairman and CEO Chris Licht steps down from his role. Licht’s departure comes amid criticism of CNN’s lack of a clear business strategy. According to CNBC, CNN needs more than just a new CEO; it needs a plan for the future.

The New York Times reports that Licht’s departure leaves CNN facing some tough decisions. The network has struggled with declining ratings and has been accused of losing its focus on news. With competition from other media outlets, CNN needs to find a way to stand out and regain its audience.

Fox News, on the other hand, suggests that CNN’s problems stem from its “crybaby” journalists who have chased out Licht for being too neutral. The network claims that CNN has become too politically correct and needs to find a better balance.

The Guardian takes a more critical look at Licht, claiming that he messed up in many ways during his tenure. However, the paper suggests that only one of his mistakes was truly fatal, and that was his failure to develop a clear strategy for CNN’s future.

CNN now faces the challenge of finding a new CEO who can lead the network in a new direction. With competition from both traditional media outlets and newer digital platforms, CNN needs to find a way to stay relevant and attract a larger audience.