CNN Chairman Condemns Don Lemon for Sexist Remarks About Nikki Haley

CNN Chairman Jeff Zucker has publicly rebuked CNN anchor Don Lemon for his comments about former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Lemon made the remarks during a segment of his show, “CNN Tonight,” where he said Haley was “past her prime” and “no longer a rising star.” The comments sparked outrage from viewers, who called them sexist and inappropriate.

In response, Zucker issued a statement saying Lemon’s comments were “not in line with CNN’s values.” He also said Lemon had apologized to the network’s staff during an editorial call on Wednesday morning.

During the call, Lemon expressed regret for his comments and said he believes “women of any age can do anything.”

Lemon’s comments have also angered his fellow CNN colleagues, many of whom have called his remarks “stupid” and “unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, several news outlets, including the New York Post, have called for Lemon to be fired from CNN.

The incident has highlighted the need for greater respect for women in the media, and has sparked a larger conversation about gender equality in the workplace.