Cold Case Unit in Rhode Island Solves Unsolved Homicides and Prepares to Make Announcements

Providence, Rhode Island – The Rhode Island Office of Attorney General recently made significant strides in solving cold cases, with their newly established cold case unit successfully closing two unsolved homicides in the state. Attorney General Peter Neronha revealed this information during his testimony before the Senate Finance Committee at the State House, indicating that the unit is close to making official announcements regarding the status of these investigations.

The cold case unit, consisting of four investigators and a prosecutor led by Assistant Attorney General James R. Baum, was formed last year after receiving full funding of $350,000 in the fiscal 2024 budget. This funding was initially rejected by Gov. Dan McKee but was later approved by the General Assembly. Neronha expressed his satisfaction with the team’s progress, stating that they have made significant breakthroughs in two cold case homicides.

Prior to the establishment of this unit, Rhode Island lacked proper coordination between prosecutors and law enforcement agencies when it came to investigating unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. Unlike neighboring states like Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, which have dedicated units for cold case investigations, Rhode Island was lagging in this aspect. Neronha had estimated that the state had hundreds of cold cases, but there was no system in place to track them.

The committee overseeing the Attorney General’s office budget was updated on the progress of the cold case unit, as Neronha emphasized the importance of these efforts in bringing closure to families and justice to victims. The team has been working closely with local departments to crack these cases, and Neronha expects to release findings to the public and the families involved within the next month or so.

Overall, the formation of the cold case unit in Rhode Island represents a significant step forward in addressing previously unresolved cases and providing hope to families who have long awaited answers. As the team continues its work, there is optimism that more cold cases will be solved, bringing long-overdue closure to those affected by these tragic events.