College Park Mayor Resigns and Faces Multiple Charges of Child Sexual Abuse Imagery

The small town of College Park, Maryland has been rocked by scandal as their mayor, Jack Lewis, has resigned after being arrested on charges related to child sexual abuse imagery and pornography. Lewis was initially charged with over 50 counts of child pornography, which led to his resignation.

According to local police, Lewis was found to be in possession of several images and videos depicting child pornography, and the investigation continues into whether he was distributing it as well.

The news has shocked the community of College Park, which has been grappling with the fallout of the scandal. Many residents have spoken out against Lewis and are calling for justice for the victims of these heinous crimes.

Lewis’s resignation from his position as mayor is a step in the right direction, but the town will undoubtedly have a long road ahead in rebuilding trust and ensuring that all members of their community are safe and protected.