Contempt of Congress: FBI Director Christopher Wray to Face Proceedings Over Alleged Biden Crime Scheme

Congressional Oversight Chair James Comer has announced he will be moving ahead with contempt proceedings against FBI Director Christopher Wray. The move comes after the FBI failed to turn over documents related to the agency’s investigation into President Biden’s alleged involvement in a crime scheme.

In a statement, Comer expressed frustration with the FBI’s lack of cooperation, stating that “Congress has a responsibility to conduct oversight and ensure transparency in government agencies.” He went on to say that “Director Wray’s failure to comply with our requests is unacceptable and obstructs our ability to carry out our duties.”

The documents in question are believed to contain information about President Biden’s alleged involvement in a scheme to enrich his family using his political connections. The allegations have been vehemently denied by the Biden administration.

This latest development is just one in a series of attempts by Republicans in Congress to investigate the allegations against President Biden. Many have accused the GOP of using the controversy as a political tool to undermine the new administration.

The contempt proceedings against Director Wray will now move forward, with a vote expected in the coming weeks. If the vote passes, Director Wray could face fines or even imprisonment for his failure to comply with Congressional requests.