Covid-19 Takes Heavy Toll on US Children Despite Low Mortality Rate

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covid-19 is now the leading cause of death for children in the United States. Despite the relatively low mortality rate for children compared to adults, the virus has still had a devastating impact on the nation’s youth.

The report found that Covid-19 was responsible for more than 1,000 child deaths in 2020, a number that has been steadily increasing since the pandemic began. It is important to note, however, that the mortality rate for children is still much lower than that of adults.

The CDC’s report also highlighted the disproportionate impact of the virus on certain groups of children. For example, Black and Hispanic children were more than twice as likely to die from Covid-19 than their white counterparts.

The report comes as the United States continues to grapple with the devastating effects of the virus. Despite the rollout of several vaccines, experts are still urging people to take precautions to help protect themselves and their loved ones from the virus. This includes wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands regularly.