Crypto Winners and Losers: Mantra Dominates Gainers, Fantom Ends as Top Loser – Check Out the Surprising Trends!

New York, United States – Cryptocurrency market fluctuations saw some notable movements last week, with certain tokens experiencing significant gains while others faced losses. Mantra, MultiversX, and Notcoin emerged as the top performers, while ORDI, Pendle, and Fantom struggled to maintain their value.

Mantra (OM) stood out as the biggest winner, recording a 25.05% surge in value over the past week. Trading at around $0.7 at the start of the week, Mantra’s price climbed steadily and closed above $0.8. The token continued its upward trajectory, reaching around $0.9 with a market capitalization exceeding $765 million.

MultiversX (EGLD) followed closely behind, with a 20.66% increase by the week’s end. Despite some fluctuations, MultiversX closed near $35, with a current trading price of around $34.1. The token’s market capitalization rose to over $927 million, although trading volume decreased by almost 50%.

Notcoin (NOT) experienced a rollercoaster ride, with initial single-digit gains followed by a significant drop. However, a rally towards the end of the week boosted Notcoin’s price by 28.61%, closing at around $0.013. As of the latest update, NOT was trading at approximately $0.014, with a market cap surpassing $1.5 billion.

On the losing end, ORDI led the pack with a 23.26% decline. Despite starting at $38, ORDI’s price consistently trended downward, closing the week at around $30.7. Pendle (PENDLE) also struggled, marking its second consecutive week of losses with a 22.45% decline. Trading at around $5 at the start of the week, Pendle closed at approximately $4.

Fantom (FTM) saw a mix of gains and losses, with an initial 8.80% increase followed by setbacks resulting in a 20.95% overall decline by the week’s end. Trading at around $0.58 initially, Fantom’s price dropped to approximately $0.44 before a modest recovery to around $0.45. The token’s market capitalization stood at around $1.2 billion, with a decrease in trading volume indicating reduced activity.

Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, investors continue to closely monitor these tokens for potential investment opportunities and market trends.