Cyber-Attack Targets TikTok Celebrities and Brands: Latest Updates Revealed!

Los Angeles, California – TikTok is currently addressing a cyber-attack that targeted several well-known brands and celebrities, as reported by the company. Owned by Chinese company ByteDance, the video-sharing app confirmed that a “very limited” number of accounts were compromised, leading to concerns over security.

While TikTok did not disclose further details regarding the cyber-attack, it assured users that it was actively working to restore access to their accounts. Among the affected accounts was one belonging to news outlet CNN, which has been collaborating with TikTok to regain access and enhance security measures to prevent future breaches.

Another high-profile target of the cyber-attack was reality TV star Paris Hilton’s TikTok account, which fortunately remained uncompromised despite being targeted. With over 10 million followers, Hilton is a prominent user of the platform, making her a valuable target for cyber-attacks.

The incident comes at a crucial time for TikTok, as the platform faces a potential ban in the US if not sold by its Chinese parent company. Concerns over data security and links to the Chinese government have raised questions about the platform’s future in the country, especially as it becomes a pivotal social media platform amid the US elections.

Notable figures like former President Donald Trump, who recently joined TikTok despite previous attempts to ban the app over national security concerns, are using the platform to engage directly with the American people. With millions of followers, Trump’s presence on TikTok underscores its significance as a political battleground, especially as current President Joe Biden also utilizes the platform for his re-election campaign.