Deadly Ice Storm Cripples South, Northeast Braces for Unprecedented Wind Chills

A deadly ice storm has crippled much of the South, leaving more than 300,000 Texans without power in the frigid cold. At least seven deaths have been attributed to the storm in Texas, according to the Weather Channel.

The storm has caused dangerous road conditions in the South and is now making its way to the Northeast, where parts of the region are bracing for brutal wind chills not seen in decades.

The ice storm has slammed Texas, resulting in power outages across the state. USA Today reports that the storm has caused “tennessees of power outages” and has made travel hazardous.

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings and advisories for parts of the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. In addition to the cold temperatures, the storm is expected to bring snow and ice to the region.

As the storm continues to move east, residents of the Northeast are advised to take precautions and stay safe. With temperatures expected to remain below freezing for days, it is important to make sure to bundle up and stay indoors if possible.