Deadly Shooting at Greek Shipping Company Headquarters Leaves Three Dead, Gunman Identified as Former Employee

ATHENS, GREECE – A tragic incident unfolded on Monday as a disgruntled former employee opened fire at the offices of a Greek shipping company in the capital city of Athens, resulting in the deaths of the company’s head and two others before the shooter took his own life, according to a police spokesperson.

The shooting took place at the offices of European Navigation in Glyfada, a suburb in South Athens. The alleged shooter, identified as a 76-year-old former employee, reportedly broke into the building before carrying out the fatal attack. The EKAM, Greece’s anti-terrorism forces, were the first to enter the building following the incident.

The police confirmed that two men and a woman were killed in the shooting, and the owner of European Product Carriers was among the victims. Additionally, the gunman was later found dead in another part of the building from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Two women were also found unharmed, having been locked in a bathroom during the attack.

According to Greek media reports, the shooter, an Egyptian national, had been terminated from his position at the company. The police have not released the names of the company involved or the identities of the victims and the alleged perpetrator.

Following the tragedy, officials in Greece cordoned off the area and began investigating the incident. Shootings, especially outside of gang-related activity, are rare in Greece due to the country’s stringent laws on gun possession.

The heartbreaking event has left the community in shock, prompting discussions about workplace safety and the potential factors that may have led to such a devastating outcome. As the investigation unfolds, authorities and the public alike are searching for answers to understand the circumstances surrounding this senseless act of violence.