Debt Ceiling Deal Creates Controversy as House Debates Biden-McCarthy Bill

Washington D.C. – As the deadline for the raising of the US debt limit looms, the House is currently debating President Biden and Minority Leader McCarthy’s proposed bill. The legislation has been met with controversy and criticism from both parties, with some likening it to a demonic deal and others highlighting its potential negative impact on the American people.

San Francisco Chronicle reported that some have drawn a comparison between the increase in the debt ceiling and the biblical story of Faust, questioning what word Martin Luther King Jr. would have used to describe such a deal.

Meanwhile, Fox News has highlighted that the biggest losers in such a deal are the American people, with both Republicans and Democrats seemingly hell-bent on driving the country further into debt.

The Wall Street Journal provided a Republican perspective on the matter, highlighting the need for a reality check on McCarthy’s Debt-Ceiling Deal.

Corporate America, according to the New York Post, has now awoken to the concept of being ‘woke’, with the debt-limit deal being seen as a GOP win.

With the deadline for raising the debt limit inching closer, it remains to be seen what the final outcome of this debate will be and how it will impact the American people in the future.