Deported migrant returns to U.S. and is arrested for murder

LAS VEGAS, NV – A man who has been deported previously from the United States is currently facing second-degree murder charges in Las Vegas for his alleged involvement in a fatal drug overdose. Jorge Miranda, 46, reportedly sold fentanyl pills to a 45-year-old man who subsequently died from an overdose on February 15.

When arrested in February, Miranda was already wanted on two other warrants—one related to drugs and the other to a traffic offense. After being deported, his visa had lapsed in 2016, according to law enforcement officials.

A police raid at Miranda’s residence in the Summerlin community, close to Staton Elementary School, led to the discovery of significant quantities of fentanyl pills, known on the street as “blues,” drug packaging paraphernalia, cocaine, and a collection of weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun.

Investigators uncovered that he possessed over 174 grams of fentanyl and 243 grams of cocaine within the property. Additionally, over $19,000 in cash was seized from the home. Authorities are also investigating a woman who appeared to live at the same address, though her involvement and potential charges remain unclear at this time.

Previously, Miranda had been detained on April 9, 2016, for having nearly 332 grams of marijuana in his possession, intending to sell, driving without a license, and seriously exceeding the speed limit. An officer had stopped him for driving roughly 90 mph on southbound US-95 when he smelled marijuana emanating from Miranda’s vehicle. After his short detainment, he was released the following day.

The ongoing investigation into the lethal drug overdose commenced after the victim’s family member alerted police to suspicious text messages discovered on the deceased’s phone. These messages pointed to an interaction with Miranda, who went by the alias “John Fenty.” Police then used the victim’s phone to set up another purchase, which led to Miranda’s subsequent arrest.

Following the overdose incident, according to confirmed information, Miranda was caught by an undercover operative selling 20 fentanyl pills while armed. Miranda, being an undocumented immigrant, was ineligible for a concealed carry weapon permit.

Authorities have also placed another detainer on Miranda following questions raised by investigators, requesting notification before any potential release. Bail for Miranda has been altered multiple times, with the most recent standing at $250,000, subject to high-level electronic monitoring and a hearing to substantiate the bail source as legal.

Charged with 17 felony offenses, including concealed weapons violations, drug trafficking, and possession with intent to sell, among others, Miranda has remained in detention since his arrest. Over the years, he has amassed a history of criminal activities, featuring convictions involving theft and larceny dating back to the ’90s.

Currently, Miranda is held at the Clark County Detention Center and is scheduled for a court appearance on June 11. His defense is expected to be managed by the Clark County Public Defender’s office, which was approached for comment on the case.