Devastation Revealed: Satellite Images Show Kakhovka Dam Collapse in Ukraine Amidst Russia’s War – Calls for Accountability Grow

Satellite images show the devastation from the Kakhovka dam collapse, which occurred earlier this week. The dam, located in southeastern Ukraine, burst open and released a massive amount of water, causing widespread flooding and destruction in nearby towns and villages.

According to the AP, drone footage of the collapsed dam shows significant damage, with no evidence to support Russian claims that the dam was intentionally destroyed by Ukrainian forces. Local officials have called for an investigation to determine the cause of the collapse.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing since 2014, with Russia annexing Crimea and supporting separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. CNN is providing live updates on the situation in Ukraine, including the aftermath of the dam disaster.

In an opinion piece for CNN, writer Artem Zagorodnikov argues that the disaster demands accountability and highlights the need for infrastructure improvements in Ukraine. Meanwhile, an article in The Hill suggests that the collapse of the Kakhovka Dam may reflect a weakening Russian military presence in the region.

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