“Dhaka rocked by deadly explosions – at least 19 killed and dozens injured”

At least 19 people were killed and dozens more injured in an explosion that rocked Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, yesterday. The blast occurred in a crowded market in the city center, leaving over 50 people wounded. Local authorities said they were investigating the cause of the explosion, which was described as strong enough to be heard from several miles away.

This is not the first time Dhaka has been hit by such an incident. In the past, the city has been the target of bombings and other acts of violence, including attacks on religious groups, political activists, and journalists. The authorities have struggled to contain such incidents amid rising political tensions and persistent security threats.

In response, the government has pledged to take more measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her condolences to the families of the victims and ordered an investigation into the incident.

As the country reels from yet another tragedy, residents are calling on the authorities to do more to prevent such incidents in the future. “We need to work together to ensure that our city is safe and secure,” said one resident. “We cannot let this happen again.”