Discrimination Outrage: Four Tops Singer Restrained and Misdiagnosed by Detroit Hospital!

Detroit, Michigan – The lead singer of the Four Tops, Alexander Morris, has filed a lawsuit against Ascension Macomb-Oakland hospital in Warren, alleging racial discrimination and false imprisonment during a visit in April 2023. Morris, who is Black, claims he was restrained and subjected to a psychological exam after hospital staff doubted his identity as a member of the iconic Motown music group.

The lawsuit alleges that despite Morris providing an ID that clearly identified him as a singer, hospital staff placed him in a restraining jacket, leading to his false imprisonment and deprivation of personal property. It wasn’t until a nurse recognized Morris as a member of the Four Tops that the psychological exam was canceled.

The incident highlights a disturbing pattern of racial discrimination in healthcare settings. Morris, who joined the Four Tops in 2019, had expressed concerns about security due to stalkers and fans, yet his legitimate claims were dismissed and replaced with harmful assumptions about his mental state.

The hospital’s response to the lawsuit included an apology in the form of a $25 gift card, a gesture that Morris refused to accept. The hospital emphasized its commitment to upholding human dignity and acting with integrity and compassion while refraining from commenting on the specifics of the litigation.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Morris had publicly discussed the distressing experience, revealing that he had been unfairly labeled as “insane or schizophrenic” upon his return to his hometown of Detroit. The mistreatment he endured sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by Black individuals within the healthcare system.

The Four Tops, a legendary group known for hits like “I Can’t Help Myself” and “It’s The Same Old Song,” have made significant contributions to the music industry for decades. Morris’ ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of racial bias and discrimination that continues to impact individuals in various aspects of society.