Disney CEO Bob Iger Talks About the Future of Star Wars and Marvel: Need for Newness and Quality Over Quantity

Disney CEO Promises Focused and Quality Movie Development for Star Wars Franchise

Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has announced that the company is taking great care when it comes to the development of new Star Wars movies. In a recent interview, he emphasized the need for quality over quantity when it comes to creating new content in the popular franchise.

While discussing the future of Marvel movies, Iger was questioned on the topic of Star Wars and whether it was time to retire the series. However, he confirmed that the franchise was far from dead and promised that Disney would be “very careful” with its development.

Iger further explained that the company wants to focus on quality over quantity and that it wasn’t necessary to have third or fourth sequels for every character. Instead, Disney is aiming to create new stories and introduce new characters to keep the franchise fresh.

The comments come after recent reports of declining interest in Star Wars, with many fans feeling burnt out after a string of movies and shows. However, Iger suggests that Disney is looking to bring a sense of “newness” to the franchise.

Moreover, Iger revealed that Disney would reduce costs on films and TV shows and place a greater emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity. He said the focus would be on “trying to do fewer things better” while aiming for higher quality storytelling.

In addition, Iger discussed the potential of sports betting as the future of the business, saying it was “inevitable.” While he acknowledged the need to tread carefully given the company’s family-friendly image, he sees it as a potential source of significant revenue for the company.

Overall, it seems Disney is taking a measured and focused approach to evolving its blockbuster franchises. The company is looking to bring fresh ideas to longstanding series while retaining the quality storytelling that has helped them become household names.