Docuseries Reveals Survivors’ Stories from Beauty Queen Killer’s Reign of Terror

Los Angeles, California – The harrowing story of Tina Marie Risico, who was kidnapped by serial killer Christopher Wilder in 1984, sheds light on the lasting trauma endured by survivors of such heinous crimes. Risico, then just 16 years old, fell prey to Wilder’s false promises of making her modeling dreams come true, only to be subjected to nine nights of terror as they traveled from one hotel to the next during his killing spree.

Now, four decades later, Risico still carries the scars of her ordeal, with her sleep patterns forever altered by the trauma inflicted by Wilder. Her gripping account forms part of a new true-crime docuseries, “The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror,” which delves deep into the stories of women who faced unimaginable horror at the hands of the notorious serial killer.

The docuseries, produced by ABC News Studios, Ample Entertainment, and 101 Studios, not only explores the dark chapters of Wilder’s murderous rampage but also highlights the resilience and courage of survivors like Risico. It offers a unique perspective on the untold stories of those who managed to escape the clutches of the so-called Beauty Queen Killer, shedding light on their struggles and triumphs in the face of unspeakable adversity.

Risico’s account in the docuseries unveils the grim reality of her captivity, where she was forced to witness and even participate in Wilder’s brutal acts. Despite the horrors she endured, including being coerced into abducting another teenage girl to ensure her own survival, Risico found the strength to outlast her captor until her eventual release.

As the series unfolds, viewers are confronted with the chilling details of Wilder’s murderous spree, targeting young women with aspirations of becoming models. The FBI’s largest manhunt at the time was sparked by his trail of death and disappearances, leaving a mark on the lives of all those affected by his heinous crimes.

Risico’s resilience and courage in sharing her story serve as a beacon of hope for survivors of similar atrocities, offering a voice to those who have suffered in silence. Through her firsthand account, she sheds light on the enduring trauma caused by such acts of violence, emphasizing the importance of seeking justice and healing in the face of adversity.