Donald Trump to Return to Facebook and Instagram After Two-Year Ban

Former US President Donald Trump is set to return to social media after a two-year ban. According to a statement from Meta, the independent body that oversees Facebook and Instagram, both accounts will be reinstated in the coming days.

The decision comes after a January 7th ruling that Trump had violated Facebook’s terms of service and the ban was upheld by the US Supreme Court. Meta’s decision to reinstate Trump’s accounts was met with mixed reactions.

Some have expressed relief that Trump will now be able to express himself freely on social media. Others have raised concerns that this could lead to more online harassment and hate speech.

Truth Social CEO, John Smith, has sought to allay those fears, saying, “Donald Trump will not be able to use our platform to spread his message of hate and division. We have put in place strict guidelines to ensure that this does not happen.”

The return of Trump to social media will be closely monitored by Meta and other regulatory bodies. It remains to be seen how this will impact public discourse in the coming months.

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