Dreyfuss Controversy: Theater Apologizes for Star’s Sexist and Transphobic Comments at Jaws Screening

Beverly, Massachusetts – A cinema in Beverly, Massachusetts has issued an apology following a controversial event with actor Richard Dreyfuss. The special screening of Jaws and a Q&A session with Dreyfuss took a disturbing turn as the actor allegedly made sexist and transphobic remarks. The incident occurred at the Cabot theatre in Beverly on May 25, where Dreyfuss appeared on stage wearing a dress and reportedly made offensive comments targeting various individuals and groups.

Reports suggest that Dreyfuss criticized Barbra Streisand, expressed negative views towards the parents of transgender teenagers, and objected to the Academy’s new inclusivity guidelines. Social media posts hinted at Dreyfuss calling Streisand a “genius” but dismissing her authority due to her gender. Additionally, he allegedly made derogatory remarks about young individuals wanting to transition, questioning their parents’ decisions and suggesting that they may change their minds in the future.

Despite the controversy, a video from the event’s conclusion indicated that many audience members remained in support of Dreyfuss, applauding his caution against a decline in critical thinking. However, some attendees walked out, expressing their disgust at the actor’s behavior. The cinema venue later released a statement acknowledging the concerns raised by the event and emphasizing that Dreyfuss’s views do not align with their values of inclusivity and respect.

This is not the first time Dreyfuss has stirred controversy with his remarks. In the past, he criticized the Academy’s diversity and inclusion requirements for Oscar contention, asserting his belief in the autonomy of artists and expressing disdain for attempts to dictate moral standards in the industry. Dreyfuss, known for his roles in iconic films of the 1970s and 80s such as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Stand By Me, has a history of voicing strong opinions on various societal issues.

The incident at the Cabot theatre has sparked a conversation about the responsibility of public figures to uphold respectful discourse and the importance of vetting speakers before public events. The venue expressed regret over the discomfort caused to patrons and pledged to engage in dialogue with the community to learn from the experience and improve their mission of entertainment, education, and inspiration.

It remains to be seen how Dreyfuss and the venue will address the fallout from the event and what steps they will take to ensure a more positive and respectful environment for future gatherings. The incident serves as a reminder of the impact of public figures’ words and actions on their audience and the broader community.