Earth Shattering Discovery: Scientists Uncover Two Cores at the Center of the Earth

A groundbreaking discovery has been made by scientists regarding the Earth’s core. A new inner core has been found at the center of the Earth, which was hidden beneath the post-earthquake waves. The innermost core is believed to be a 450-mile-wide solid metal ball.

Furthermore, scientists have discovered that the Earth has two cores: an outer core and an inner core. The outer core is believed to be a molten iron-nickel alloy, while the inner core is a solid metal ball. It is believed that the inner core forms the Earth’s innermost layer and is responsible for the propagation of earthquake waves.

The discovery of the Earth’s two cores has been described as a “game-changer” by experts in the field. It provides a deeper understanding of how the Earth works and could lead to new insights into the planet’s inner workings.

The findings have been published in a number of scientific journals and are available for further study. View Full Coverage on USNN for more information.