Elizabeth Banks Takes a Risk with New Movie ‘Cocaine Bear’: Inside the Controversial Scene and Ray Liotta’s Last Performance

Actress Elizabeth Banks is no stranger to taking risks in Hollywood, and her latest movie ‘Cocaine Bear’ is no exception. The movie, which is set to be released later this year, has already sparked controversy due to its graphic depiction of a cocaine-addicted bear.

In a recent interview, Banks defended the film, saying that it is important to show the harsh realities of drug addiction. She also said that she had a great time working with the late Ray Liotta on the movie, who had a supporting role as a drug dealer.

The movie has also been praised by critics for its unique approach to the subject matter, with Banks saying that it is meant to feel like a “nature documentary… on cocaine.”

However, some have raised concerns about the movie’s potential to glamorize drug use, particularly among young people. Banks has responded to these concerns by saying that the movie is meant to be a cautionary tale about the dangers of drug use, and that it is ultimately up to parents to discuss the issue with their children.

While it remains to be seen how the movie will be received by audiences, one thing is for sure: Elizabeth Banks knows that the risk she’s taking with ‘Cocaine Bear’ could come back and bite her.

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