Elon Musk Set to Reveal ‘Master Plan Part 3’ at Tesla Investor Day – Get Ready for the Big Event!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set to reveal the highly anticipated ‘Master Plan Part 3’ at Tesla’s Investor Day today. After the bell, Musk is expected to unveil the plan which will include details on Tesla’s long-term vision and strategies.

The first two plans included ambitious goals such as the production of electric cars, solar roofs, and the development of autonomous driving technology.

Analysts and investors are eager to learn what Musk’s ‘Master Plan Part 3’ will entail. Many are hoping that the plan will help Tesla regain some of the momentum it has lost in recent months.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Musk is expected to rally Tesla shareholders around his long-term vision at the Investor Day. Meanwhile, The New York Times states that the plan is a bid to regain momentum.

Investor’s Business Daily suggests that the plan will likely include details on Tesla’s new vehicles, as well as its plans for expanding into new markets.

The Verge has already given the first two plans a grade, and many are curious to see how they will grade the third one.

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