“Elon Musk Unveils $10 Trillion ‘Master Plan 3’ at Tesla Investor Day!”

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk unveiled his highly anticipated ‘Master Plan 3’ today at the company’s Investor Day. The plan, which includes an ambitious goal of creating a $10 trillion sustainable energy company, came as Tesla’s stock sunk to a new low.

Musk and other Tesla executives outlined the plan, which will focus on transitioning to sustainable energy sources and expanding Tesla’s product line. This includes a shift to electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and the development of a new kind of battery.

The plan was met with mixed reactions by investors, with some expressing concern over the timeline and feasibility of the goals. However, Musk remains confident that the plan will be successful and will help Tesla become a leader in the energy sector.

In addition to the Master Plan 3, Musk discussed Tesla’s current projects and initiatives, such as the development of its new Cybertruck and its plans to expand into the insurance and energy sectors.

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