Elton John Testifies in Defense of Kevin Spacey at Sexual Assault Trial, Discrediting Accuser’s Claims

Elton John Backs Kevin Spacey’s Testimony at Sexual Assault Trial

LONDON – Elton John came forward as a witness for the defense in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial, providing support for the actor amid allegations against him. Spacey’s lawyer aimed to undermine the credibility of a man who accused the Oscar winner of forcibly grabbing his crotch during a car ride to Elton John’s house.

John appeared via video link from Monaco in a London court, following his husband David Furnish’s testimony that Spacey had not attended their annual party at Windsor home during the year of the alleged incident. The accuser claimed that Spacey had grabbed him so aggressively while driving to the White Tie & Tiara Ball in 2004 or 2005 that they nearly crashed.

Furnish corroborated Spacey’s claim that he had only attended the event in 2001. He mentioned reviewing photographs from the party taken between 2001 and 2005, with Spacey appearing exclusively in images from 2001. All guests were photographed each year, Furnish added.

Elton John testified that Spacey had attended the party in the early 2000s, arriving after flying in on a private jet. Furnish stated that Spacey’s appearance that night was memorable and caused a lot of excitement due to the actor’s status as an Oscar winner.

According to the alleged victim, he might have misremembered the year of the incident but was certain that it happened, as it took his breath away and almost caused a car accident. The timeline is significant since the man testified that Spacey had sexually assaulted him over several years starting in the early 2000s, with this incident being the last one before he threatened to hit Spacey and avoided him altogether.

Spacey argued that he and the accuser were friends and had engaged in some romantic contact but stopped when the man expressed his disinterest. The actor expressed his disappointment upon discovering that the man had reported him to the police, claiming that the man had “reimagined” the nature of their consensual touching.

Elton John’s testimony arrives shortly after his farewell concert in Stockholm, marking the end of his 50-year touring career. Both John and Furnish were previously seen in a London courtroom during their phone hacking lawsuit against the publisher of the Daily Mail newspaper, a case that also involves Prince Harry and actors Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost. The group alleges privacy violations through the interception of voicemails and other invasive methods, although the publisher argued that they had waited too long to bring forward their claims, leaving the judge to decide the fate of the case.