Ex-Kickboxer Andrew Tate: “My Criminal Case File is ‘Empty’ as I’m Taken for Further Questioning in Romania”

Former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate has made his first public comments since his arrest in Romania earlier this month. In an interview with Reuters, Tate claimed that Romanian prosecutors have no evidence against him, and that the case file against him is “empty.”

The arrest followed Tate’s announcement that he was launching a new cryptocurrency called ‘Tatecoin.’ Tate was taken for further questioning by Romanian authorities, and has since made several public statements on his YouTube channel.

In a video posted on Sunday, Tate claimed that the case file against him is “empty.” He also added that there is “no justice in Romania” and accused the authorities of targeting him because of his success and fame.

The claims were echoed by the Telegraph, which reported that Tate had been taken for further questioning in Romania, and that he had made the claims about the case file being empty.

The BBC also reported on Tate’s claims, while the New York Post published a story entitled ‘No justice in Romania’: Andrew Tate claims his criminal case file is ’empty’.

Meanwhile, USNN has compiled a full coverage of the story, featuring reports from multiple news outlets.