Ex-Wagner Commander Reveals Horrors of Brutality and Incompetence on the Frontline, Arrested After Fleeing Russia

A former commander of the Russian private military company Wagner has revealed the brutality and incompetence of its forces on the frontline.

The commander, who was identified as Andrey Troshev, was arrested after fleeing to Russia from Norway, where he had applied for asylum.

Troshev told CNN that he had witnessed Wagner troops carrying out “illegal orders” and engaging in “brutal and inhuman” treatment of civilians in Ukraine and Syria. He also claimed that Wagner forces were “ill-prepared” and “ill-equipped” for their missions, leading to numerous casualties.

Troshev was apprehended by police in Norway after being sought by Russian authorities for desertion. He is now facing charges in Russia for his alleged involvement in Wagner operations.

The case highlights the role of the Wagner Group in conflicts around the world and the lack of oversight of its activities. It also shines a light on the brutality and incompetence of its forces on the battlefield.

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