Explore the Incredible 3.32 Billion Celestial Objects of the Milky Way in Stunning New Portrait

Scientists have released an incredible new portrait of the Milky Way galaxy, showing off more than 3 billion stars. The survey, conducted by the Dark Energy Camera, is the most comprehensive ever taken of the Milky Way and reveals an unprecedented 3.32 billion celestial objects.

The stunning map of the Milky Way, which covers the entire southern sky, is the result of a decade of data collected from the Dark Energy Camera. Astronomers were able to identify millions of stars, gas clouds, and other objects in the Milky Way, as well as hundreds of nearby galaxies.

The map is providing scientists with a new understanding of the Milky Way, including its structure and its history. It has also enabled them to identify previously unknown objects, such as star clusters and supernovae.

The map of the Milky Way is available online, and is an incredible sight to behold. It provides a detailed look at the galaxy, and is sure to be a source of fascination and discovery for astronomers for years to come.

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