Explosion at Macedonia Chemical Plant Leaves Three Injured, One in Critical Condition

Macedonia, Ohio – A chemical explosion rocked Macedonia, Ohio, earlier today, leaving three individuals injured, one of them with critical burns, as confirmed by fire officials. The incident took place near Royal Chemical Co., resulting in the closure of the road in both directions.

Upon receiving reports of a tanker truck explosion, Macedonia firefighters swiftly responded to the scene, described by Macedonia Fire Chief Brian Ripley in a press briefing Wednesday afternoon. When emergency responders arrived at approximately 11:40 a.m., they encountered a tanker truck split in half, with liquid contents spilling out, as per ABC News 5 Cleveland’s coverage.

Chief Ripley disclosed during the briefing that the explosion involved sodium hydroxide, a highly corrosive substance but not flammable. However, the exact cause of the explosion remains under investigation. Reports indicated that the tanker truck had been parked alongside two other trucks outside the building during the loading process. Tragically, the driver of the truck positioned between the other two was exposed to the product released during the explosion, sustaining severe burns classified as critical and life-threatening. The injured individual was promptly transported to a hospital in Cleveland for urgent medical care.

Authorities expressed concerns regarding the sodium hydroxide potentially contaminating a nearby small creek. To manage the situation, the Summit County Hazmat team was deployed to oversee the cleanup operations and prevent any further dispersion of the hazardous material. All three individuals injured during the explosion were promptly taken to the hospital for assessment and treatment.

Conflicting reports emerged regarding the cause of the chemical explosion, indicating a need for thorough investigation and clarification. The community awaits updates and further insights into the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident in Macedonia, Ohio.