FBI Search at Biden’s Home Uncovers Classified Materials, Sparking Full Investigation by Senate Democrats

A major scandal is brewing in Washington as the FBI searches the home of former Vice President Joe Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, and finds more classified materials.

The news has been met with a strong reaction from Senate Democrats, who are calling for a full investigation into the documents found at Biden’s home. Senators Joe Manchin and Tim Kaine have both voiced their support for the investigation, with Kaine calling the situation “irresponsible and disturbing.”

The scandal has also been met with criticism from the media and public opinion, with The New York Times calling it “really bad for 2024” and Fox News labeling Biden’s “no regrets” remarks about the documents “infuriating and really, really dumb.”

The FBI investigation is ongoing and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. Follow the story for more updates.