“FCC Nominee Withdraws After Intense Lobbying Battle: What Happened and Who’s Next?”

In a surprising turn of events, Gigi Sohn has withdrawn her nomination for the Federal Communications Commission after a lobbying battle and opposition from Senator Joe Manchin.

Sohn, who was nominated by President Biden, faced intense lobbying from the telecommunications industry, with some executives reportedly threatening to withhold campaign donations to Democratic lawmakers who supported her nomination. This pressure may have contributed to her decision to withdraw.

Senator Manchin, a key Democratic vote in the 50-50 Senate, announced his opposition to Sohn’s nomination earlier this week, citing concerns about her past advocacy for “net neutrality” and her ties to progressive groups.

Despite her withdrawal, Sohn plans to continue advocating for a fair and open internet as a policy fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute for Technology Law and Policy.

This development is a setback for the Biden administration’s efforts to establish a more consumer-friendly FCC, which has traditionally been dominated by industry insiders. The president will now have to find a new nominee who can navigate the political and industry pressures that come with the position.