Fed Meeting Preview: What to Expect as Powell Prepares to Move the Markets

Today, the Federal Reserve is meeting to discuss the current state of the economy. The markets are expecting Chairman Jerome Powell to keep the S&P 500 rally going, but there are concerns about the slowing wage growth.

According to CNBC, the Fed is expected to make a number of announcements on Wednesday. These include decisions on the federal funds rate, the balance sheet, and potential changes to the central bank’s monetary policy.

CNBC Television reports that investors are expecting the Fed to raise interest rates and take a more hawkish stance on inflation. This could lead to a period of increased volatility in the markets.

The Hill reports that the Fed is also likely to keep an eye on wage growth. Recent data has shown that wage growth has slowed in recent months, and the Fed is expected to take this into account when making its decisions.

Finally, The Wall Street Journal reports that investors don’t believe the Fed’s inflation plan. The paper notes that investors have become increasingly skeptical of the central bank’s plans, and this could lead to further market volatility.

Overall, the markets are expecting a busy day from the Federal Reserve. Investors will be watching closely to see how the central bank’s decisions affect the markets.