Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to Join Global Counterparts in High-Stakes Central Banking Forum – Watch Live Stream Now!

Sintra, Portugal – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is set to participate in a panel with global central bank leaders at the European Central Bank forum on Tuesday. Joining Powell are ECB President Christine Lagarde and Brazil Central Bank Governor Roberto Campos Neto. The forum, moderated by CNBC’s Sara Eisen, comes at a time when investors are closely monitoring how central banks will respond to the evolving inflation dynamics worldwide.

In the United States, Powell’s Fed has maintained its main policy rate for the last year despite inflation rates dropping from their mid-2022 highs. Lagarde’s ECB recently implemented a quarter percentage point cut, bringing its rate down to 4.25%, while Neto’s bank also cut by a quarter point in May, reducing its primary rate to 10.5%.

Market participants are anticipating the Fed to begin lowering rates in September, with expectations for further reductions by the end of the year and quarterly cuts continuing through at least September 2025. However, Fed officials suggested in June that they foresee only one decrease in rates for this year.

The discussions at the forum will likely delve into the potential impact of these rate adjustments on the global economy and financial markets. As central banks navigate the delicate balance between stimulating growth and controlling inflation, the decisions made at the forum could have far-reaching implications.

Powell, Lagarde, and Neto are anticipated to offer insights into their respective regions’ economic outlooks and policy approaches. The collaborative nature of this panel provides an opportunity for a comprehensive discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing central banks in today’s complex economic landscape.

Overall, the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal, serves as a platform for key global central bank leaders to exchange ideas, share experiences, and address critical issues facing the world economy. With inflation, growth, and monetary policy on the agenda, the outcomes of this forum are expected to shape future economic policies and market expectations.