Fire Destroys Manufacturing Building and Sheds in Chelsea

CHELSEA, MA – A significant fire ravaged a large manufacturing building, as well as several vacant sheds and other structures in Chelsea this afternoon. The blaze, which engulfed New England Rent to Own, a manufacturer of sheds and modular homes, was captured on camera by a nearby resident.

The fire broke out around 1 p.m. on Sunday, with the flames visible from a distance prompting a quick call to 911. Fire marshals are currently on scene to investigate the cause of the inferno.

According to the owner of New England Rent to Own, the fire is suspected to have been started by lithium batteries charging power tools within the building. Fortunately, no individuals were inside the premises at the time of the ignition, and none of the workers were injured.

The manufacturing building primarily housed construction materials, including unfinished sheds and modular homes, which were all consumed by the fire. In addition to the main structure, about eight other newly built and unoccupied buildings nearby also caught fire.

As a result of the blaze, more than a dozen workers are now impacted by the loss of facilities and materials. The company is working to relocate them to alternative properties in the short term while they assess the extent of the damage and plan for the future.

New England Rent to Own expressed devastation over the setback in their production of affordable homes due to the fire. Despite the challenges they face, the company remains committed to their mission and even announced a free raffle for a mobile home on their social media platforms. The winner of the raffle will be announced in October, showcasing the company’s resilience and determination to move forward from this unfortunate event.