Florida College Board’s Repeated Contact With African American Studies Sparks Debate on Diversity in Education

The Florida College Board has been in contact with the College Board for months over the lack of African American Studies courses offered by the organization. The College Board is responsible for administering the Advanced Placement (AP) program, which provides college-level coursework to high school students.

The College Board has been criticized for its lack of African American Studies courses, with many arguing that the courses should reflect the diversity of the student body. Florida officials have repeatedly contacted the College Board in an effort to get them to provide more African American Studies courses.

In response to the criticism, the College Board has recently announced that it will be offering a new AP African American Studies course. The course will be available to all students and will focus on the history, culture, and contributions of African Americans.

The new course is just one step towards making sure that all students have access to the hard truth of different voices. All students should have the opportunity to grapple with the hard truth of different voices, and the new course will help to ensure that they do.