Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Controversial Move to Erase African American History Sparks Outrage

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is embroiled in controversy over his stance on African American history education.

The College Board recently announced that it is stripping down its Advanced Placement (A.P.) curriculum for African American studies, a move that has been met with criticism from educators and civil rights activists.

DeSantis has come out in support of the College Board’s decision, claiming that the A.P. curriculum was not up to standards. He has also been vocal in his opposition to the Florida Education Department’s proposed African American history course, calling it “trash” and claiming it was an attempt to counter “Black Power.”

The Governor’s stance has been met with criticism from Florida Democrats, who have argued that DeSantis is attempting to erase Black history.

In response to the criticism, DeSantis has defended his stance, claiming that he is attempting to raise the standards of education in Florida. He has also argued that he is attempting to build his political brand by taking on the education establishment.

The debate over African American history education in Florida is likely to continue, as the College Board and the Florida Education Department continue to debate the issue. Meanwhile, civil rights activists are calling on DeSantis to reconsider his stance, arguing that African American history is an important part of the American story.