Flybe Ceases Trading, All Flights Cancelled

Today, regional airline Flybe has announced that it has been placed into administration and all operations have ceased. This comes after the airline failed to secure a rescue package from the government.

The airline, which operates mainly in the UK and Europe, had been struggling financially for some time, with the coronavirus pandemic only making matters worse. Flybe had asked the government for assistance, but the request was denied.

The news was announced in a statement from the airline, which said that all flights had been cancelled and that customers should seek a refund from their credit or debit card provider.

The news has been met with shock and dismay by customers and the aviation industry alike. Many are questioning why the government did not step in to save the airline and the jobs of the thousands of people who worked for Flybe.

The sudden closure of Flybe is sure to have a major impact on the UK’s aviation industry, with the airline having been a major player in the sector for many years.

It is unclear what the future holds for Flybe and its employees, but it is certain that the closure of the airline will have far-reaching consequences for the UK’s aviation industry.