Former Gynecologist Convicted of Sex Trafficking After Luring Women to His Office for Abuse

A former gynecologist, Robert Hadden, was convicted of luring women to his office for abuse. The verdict was delivered by a jury in New York City on Tuesday and marks the end of a lengthy legal battle.

Hadden, who had been employed at Columbia University, was found guilty of sex trafficking and other charges related to the abuse of his patients. The jury found that he had abused his position of trust to lure women to his office, where he then subjected them to unwanted sexual contact.

Hadden was also convicted of molesting his patients and using his position of power to engage in sex trafficking. The prosecutor argued that Hadden had engaged in these activities for his entire career.

The victims of Hadden’s abuse have expressed relief at the verdict. “It’s a huge relief for us to know that justice was served,” one of the victims said. “It’s been a long and difficult journey, but it’s finally over.”

The conviction of Hadden has sent shockwaves throughout the medical community. It serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, and that medical professionals must be held accountable for their actions.