Former Patriots Quarterback, Matt Cassel, Pitches Netflix for His Own Docuseries

Ex-Patriots QB Expresses Desire to Appear in Netflix Docuseries

Former New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel has made a pitch to Netflix, expressing his interest in being featured in their new documentary series, “Quarterback.” Taking to Twitter, Cassel stated that with his extensive football experience, including filling in for Tom Brady during the 2008 season, he believes he would be an excellent fit for the show. The series currently follows Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota throughout the 2022 season as it delves into their positions with the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, and Atlanta Falcons, respectively.

Cassel’s tweet to Netflix read, “Hey @netflix, I’m watching ‘Quarterback.’ If you wanna do a season 2 on a retired QB with five kids, my DMs are open.” He has previously used Twitter to jokingly request a spot in “Man in the Arena,” a ten-episode series chronicling Brady’s career and his ten Super Bowl appearances.

It remains to be seen if Netflix will consider Cassel’s proposal. However, his 15-year NFL career, which involved multiple teams and includes his stint with the Patriots, could be an appealing element for the documentary series.

Cassel, now 41 years old, had a varied journey in football, and his experience could provide a unique perspective for the show. While he is known for stepping in as Brady’s replacement and leading the Patriots to an 11-5 record in 2008, he also played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, and Dallas Cowboys during his career.

The “Quarterback” series aims to offer an in-depth look at the position and the journey of each featured player throughout a particular season. As one of the most critical positions in the game, highlighting the experiences and challenges faced by different quarterbacks can provide valuable insights into the sport.

Although Cassel’s pitch to appear in the docuseries is intriguing, it remains to be seen if Netflix will take him up on his offer. While the show primarily follows current players, introducing a retired quarterback could offer a fresh perspective and appeal to a broader range of viewers.

In the ever-growing world of sports documentaries, Netflix has been successful in producing compelling content that appeals to fans and uncovers the behind-the-scenes stories of athletes. “Quarterback” has the potential to continue this trend, providing viewers with an intimate look into the world of NFL quarterbacks.

As Cassel’s tweet gains attention, fans and viewers await Netflix’s response. Whether or not his pitch is successful, it highlights the desire of former players to share their experiences and insights, contributing to the ongoing popularity of sports documentaries. Netflix’s decision will shape the future direction of the “Quarterback” series and whether it will include perspectives from retired players like Cassel.

Thumbnail Photo: Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports Images