France Agrees to Pull Troops Out of Burkina Faso After Demands to Withdraw

France has agreed to comply with the request from Burkina Faso to withdraw its troops from the African nation. On Tuesday, the French government agreed to pull out its 400 soldiers currently based in the country, following months of unrest.

The decision follows a demand from Burkina Faso for France to withdraw its troops, after France deployed its military forces to the country in 2013 to combat Islamist militants in the region.

In response, France has recalled its ambassador from Burkina Faso and has agreed to withdraw its troops within a month.

The withdrawal of French troops comes as Burkina Faso continues to face instability and violence due to the presence of Islamic militant groups in the region. The country has also seen a rise in attacks by armed groups in recent months, leading to thousands of people being displaced.

The French government has said that it will continue to support Burkina Faso in its fight against terrorism, and will remain committed to helping the country achieve peace and stability.