“France and UK announce $577 million migration deal and new measures to tackle Channel crossings in post-Brexit era”

France and Britain agree new $577 million migration deal

French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak held a joint press conference on Wednesday following a summit to discuss migration, security, and the post-Brexit relationship between the two nations.

The conference comes in the wake of a new $577 million migration deal between the two countries, which will see the UK funding the construction of a new migrant detention center in France. The deal also includes measures to tackle the ongoing issue of migrants crossing the English Channel from France to the UK.

Macron and Sunak hailed the deal as a “new beginning” to the post-Brexit era, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two nations on issues of mutual concern.

However, the deal has drawn criticism from some quarters, with human rights groups concerned about the conditions in migrant detention centers and the UK’s use of such centers to detain asylum seekers.

Despite the controversy, Macron and Sunak expressed confidence in the agreement and promised to continue working together to address the challenges facing both nations.