Garry Conille Named Haiti’s New Prime Minister Amidst Surging Gang Violence – Click Here to Find Out More!

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Haiti has appointed Garry Conille as the new prime minister amidst ongoing gang violence and political turmoil. Conille, a former UNICEF regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, previously served as Haiti’s prime minister from 2011 to 2012 under President Michel Martelly. He takes over from interim prime minister Michel Patrick Boisvert, who assumed the role after Ariel Henry’s resignation in April.

The appointment of Conille comes as gangs continue to wreak havoc in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, with recent attacks on police stations, the airport, and prisons. The violence has left the country reeling, with thousands of inmates freed in prison breaks, and a wave of displacement among residents.

Conille, a medical and public health professional, has a daunting task ahead of him as he grapples with the country’s deep poverty and soaring inflation rates. Gangs, controlling significant portions of Port-au-Prince, have displaced over 360,000 residents, disrupting essential services and commerce routes.

His appointment follows a controversial selection process that culminated in Fritz Bélizaire being chosen as prime minister in late April, causing uproar among critics and civil society groups. The transitional council, tasked with appointing a new prime minister and electoral commission, has faced mounting pressure due to a lack of transparency and perceived inefficiencies.

Critics, including the Montana Accord civil society group, have voiced concerns over the council’s handling of the selection process, citing a lack of accountability and procedural irregularities. The council faces a tight deadline to establish a provisional electoral commission before general elections can proceed by next year.

The council’s mandate, set to expire in 2026, underscores the urgency for swift and effective governance to tackle Haiti’s myriad challenges, from gang violence to economic instability. With Conille at the helm, the nation’s hopes rest on his ability to navigate the complex web of issues and lead Haiti towards a more stable and prosperous future.