Georgia Police Killing of Protester Sparks Outrage: The Tragic Aftermath of ‘Cop City’

Tragedy struck in Georgia yesterday as a man was killed while protesting the proposed “Cop City” training facility in Atlanta. According to The Guardian US, the man was “assassinated in cold blood” by the Atlanta Police.

Democracy Now! reported that the man, who was part of a group of forest defenders, was killed at a protest encampment near the proposed training center.

The incident has prompted swift action from Georgia Attorney General, who is now seeking a sweeping indictment targeting protestors at the APD training facility, according to WSB Atlanta.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has written an opinion piece on the incident, saying that the violent outcome need not have happened.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has since revealed that a gun found on the protester was used to shoot a trooper at the future APD training site, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

USNN is providing full coverage of the incident.